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The Darkness Within 4
"Eochaidh, what has come over you? You are ill?!"
Eochaidh stepped away from Aimili and attempted to shrug off any display of concern.
"I am fine."
"Are you sure?" Aimili questioned aggressively.
"Absolutely!" Eochaidh retorted with some disgust building in his voice. "I am going to my room."
Eochaidh stumbled and stormed off to his room and slammed the door.
Aimili's eyes swelled with tears as she watched Eochaidh storm away into his room. Deep in her heart she never meant to upset him, but the sight of him so sickly threw her into a fit of nervousness. Aimili turned to Tory and demanded to know what lead up to his return in such a state.
"Where did you go?"
"We walked through town and down to the Manor and on the way back he got sick."
"What happened?"
"He just asked me who lived at the manor and I told him Lord Padraig and Caristiona."
"Are you lying to me boy?"
"No ma'am. That is all that happened. When I saw he was getting sick I pulled him back home because I..."
"Go clean out th
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The Darkness Within 5
Chapter ???
More meetings
Papers lay scattered across a table with illegible writing scrawled across it.  A slight man stands in the window wearing a pair of tattered blue jeans and a striped tailored jacket.  His body and spiked hair was silhouetted against the rising sun.  His sultry voice wafted soft refrains from songs that ran through his head as he stared out into the dewy oblivion.
All my life I've been running
Down the side of this hill
But way down deep in my heart
Don't want the water to ever be still
A sight caught his eye and silenced him in mid breath.  A black horse in an collected lope traveling across the crest of a hill with a woman riding her hair bouncing in the trailing rhythm of his mane and tail.  He watched as the rider put the gorgeous animal through some paces and as the horse reared up and changed directions seemingly fluidly.  There seemed to be no struggle on either party, as if they were worKing as
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The Darkness Within 6
"Here let me show you."  She flattened out a buckling in the blanket and patted it lightly.  She looked up at Karm and said, "Come sit down".  Karm sat down on the blanket almost exactly where Amanda - Arementa's hand had been resting.  His knees were bent up, and his hands were supporting most of his weight behind him.  "Comfortable?" she asked.
Karm shrugged his shoulders slightly. "Comfortable enough."  He nodded up and down a couple times for emphasis.
"Permit me to demonstrate 'copasquat'?"  She un-velcroed her gloves and slid them off and set them down beside the blanket on the ground.
Karm nodded again in agreement.
Amanda - Arementa reached over and pulled off one loafer, then the sock.  She tucked the sock in the shoe and then reached for the other loafer.  After she pulled off the second sock and stuck it into the shoe she rested the shoes side by side off the blanket near her gloves.
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The Darkness Within 7
Chapter ???
Message in a bottle
The auction was over and everything was very successful.  Martha was worKing through the accounting to find how much was collected, and the celebrations continued.  The band started playing again, and people were mingling, talKing, dancing, drinKing, and eating.  Karm had no interest.  The note that had been written on his letter said he would understand.  He didn't understand any more than before.  In fact he was feeling more confused.  He had so wanted to find Amanda - Arementa, to talk to her, to find out what was going on, but every time he saw her she was like an apparition, and gone when he got close.  He climbed the spiral staircase slowly.  He watched over the crowd hoping he would get another glimpse of her.
He walked slowly down the hall to his bedroom.  He unlatched the door, and the door scooted a folded paper along the floor.  He ste
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The Darkness Within 8
Chapter ???
Joining of Incantations
Karm's white limousine slowed as it came to the entrance of its destination.  It slowly rolled through the massive gates and Karm looked around.  Almost a full year had passed since he had last been here.  The strawberry blonde-haired woman was standing on a rail running around an arena next to the driveway.  There was a scruffy horse un-groomed and certainly not as muscular or fit as the other horses he remembered being here last time.  The limousine lumbered forward and circled the fountain.
When the limo had completely stopped a young man jumped out of the driver seat and started to run around to the passenger side.  Before he could get to the door Karm had already opened it and stepped out.  "That is ok Peter.  I am fine."  He stated plainly as he instinctively brushed the legs of his slacks off and turned around to lift his suit jacket from the seat.
"Yes s
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The Darkness Within 9
Chapter ???
Return to the blessed home
Two thousand twenty
"How are you doing Amanda - Arementa?"  Karm's voice was soft and hushed.  He reached out a hand and started to rest his fingers on her relaxed hand by her left side, but thought better of it.  He pulled his hand back and just looked over her fading body and her lifeless hair and face.  The tears slowly began building but held behind the dams formed by his lids unblinking.
"I'm dying, how are you?"  Her mouth was dry and her voice rougher than usual.  She slowly lifted her eyes to look upon her silver haired angel standing by her bedside.
Karm looked down and clinched his eyes shut releasing a heavy tear from each eye.  "Pretty much the same."  
Amanda - Arementa lay in the bed of the Master Suite.  Her hair cascaded over the pillow and the sun glinted off the strands creating a fiery halo around her head.  Karm sat down on the s
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is "Looking For Space"
United States
Current Residence: Where ever I can lay my coat, hang my hat, and put up my feet... care to copasquat?
deviantWEAR sizing preference: umm, if you are going to buy me something, ask me... depends on what it is... :)
Print preference: Matte, or canvas - like someone is going to buy me a canvas :p
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I have been gone for so long, you may be ignoring me now, but just in case you are not here is the update.

I have taken a hiatus from DA and several other things while I get my personal real life into some sort of order.  I am returning, desperately needing a creative outlet, because of the stage I am at but I need a clean start to be able to combine my "real art" and my experimental art etc.  With the new setup on the galleries and such I think this is a perfect time to do so.

So, those of you who would still be interested, please come find me on my new gallery here, :iconweavingmagic:.

So since I am trying to leave this past behind me, I will tell what is happened/happening for those who are interested, but know that I am not going to come back here and comment on it, and know that this has been a hellacious time, and I want to thank my friends who have been there patiently supporting me through all this junk.  Those of you I have secluded myself from it is nothing against you, I just had to keep this close to the chest until I could come to terms with it.

OK, so it started out my husband Martin had to deal with his own issues.  He was depressed and frustrated and it was coming out on me which was drastically affecting my creative flow.  He wouldn't allow me to get involved in a project because it would be too much for him to handle.  So on and so forth until he finally left (apparently filing for divorce a month before telling me) and then the day after I was told by papers being served he called the state and had the 3 kids we were fostering and adopting (we actually had a date and time - 8-14-08 at 8:00 am which we had been waiting nearly 3 years for).

His answer as to why? "He had to protect HIS best interest and no one was considering what he wanted, only worrying about the kids."

Well I have one thing to say to that... The kids need to be the issue.  Martin, you are a big fooking boy.  You can make your own choices, take yourself where you need to or want to go, eat what you want when you want and how you want... but children don't have those options, and you SHOULD consider them.  The world doesn't revolve around you!  Well, he ruined my life, but my parents (God bless them) are trying to do something to help out until I jump through the state's hoops one more time to adopt them by myself.

So, I am going through a divorce, lost my kids a second time thanks to the jerk I was married to for 7 years.

This is very cleaned up update, but you are welcome to watch and talk to the re-engineered to the good ol' fashioned me on my new account.  I would love to have you watch me there.

To those running the groups that I will be re-signing up for the groups shortly as I get my art and things set up.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding,
The Management


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